Collateral Damage Man

Coming Summer 2012

The origins of Colatteral Damage Man

Tim Timmerson just a mild mannered office worker, until one day a bolt of radioactive electricity struck him in the elbow.

From that day on he became imbued with new power - the strength to life moderately large branches, the tenacity to be repeatedly rejected by women, and the roar of desctruction - vowing to use his new found capabilities to fight crime and the forces of evil!

Critically acclaimed

  • “I liked it to be honest”
    Ellen von Trousers
  • “A little gay, but pretty good”
    Goutierez Mandenez


Collateral Damage Man
Bradley Liam Andrew Nigel King
Niki Mustard
Alejandro Gris
Unnamed Male
Heinrich Manoovor

Written by Alejandro Gris, Spookiée le Truce and Daniel Smith. Directed by Alejandro Gris. Filed and edited by Heinrich Manoovor. Music by Unpronouncable Productions.

Promotional media

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